COMPACT W2 is a beautifully designed LED wall lamp by Ronni Gol in his familiar clean-cut lines, and made of fabulous aluminium. It can also be mounted to a stand and used as an outdoor lamp and comes in two lengths, mini or regular. 

The lamp is an up/down lamp, which means that the light shines out of both top and bottom. With an energy consumption of just 2 x 6W, there is really no need to live in darkness!

The lamp casts a slightly diffuse, decorative light on the wall. Meeting the IP54 standard, the lamp is approved for outdoor use, but can, of course, also be used indoors.

COMPACT W2 is available in white and black, and measures 20 x 20 cm.

The same range also features W1, measuring 15 x 15 cm, and W3, measuring 25 x 25 cm. With a depth of less than 5 cm, the lamp also sits close to the wall, saving space. 

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