Light-Point Cover


COVER is a light fixture with an attractive aesthetic and a solid, weatherproof build that makes is suitable for use in a range of contexts. You can use it above your bathroom mirror, as a light source in corridors or outdoors on the garden wall. COVER can also be positioned vertically wherever you need it. The LED light sources are fitted to a base that is smaller than the external light shade, making it seem as though COVER is floating on the wall.

COVER provides a comfortable, indirect light when placed above a mirror, for example. Light is cast all around the fixture, meaning that diffuse reflections from the walls and ceiling contribute to warm tones around the room. COVER is available in three different lengths: 60, 120 and 180 cm. All three have the same depth and height dimensions, meaning that short and long versions of COVER can be combined for use as light sources in longer passages or corridors.

The entire unit is made from solid aluminium and the lampshade has been given a black or white, weatherproof lacquer. The unit is sturdy enough to withstand a hit from an errant ball or other day-to-day hazards.

600 x 100 mm, 1200 x 100 mm, 1800 x 100 mm
Ronni Gol
Light source
2 x 15W LED