FOCUS TRACK is the three-phase track version of our ceiling spotlight FOCUS. As such, it is a new take on the classic ceiling spotlight. A sculptural interpretation of rigid, functional lines.

The spot is made from solid, lacquered aluminium and available in a black or a white version. Aluminium conducts heat and thus has a cooling effect on the LED light source. This extends the useful life of the LED unit, but also means that you won’t burn your fingers when adjusting the light. FOCUS TRACK is a highly flexible light source that can be directed to wherever you need light. With the option to adjust up to 90 degrees vertically and 350 degrees horizontally, the spotlight can always be pointed where light is needed.   

The FOCUS TRACK spotlight is both aesthetically unique and discretely functional. It combines minimalism with functional elegance and it is particularly useful in rooms where you needs to be able to adjust the light sources continuously.  

More information about Focus Pro Track from the supplier see here