The MADISON T1 is a functional, sculptural installation, which is sleek yet unpretentious. The lamp is 25 cm tall top of the lampshade, which almost floats over the heavy base. Both parts are made of aluminium. The MADISON T1 fits in perfectly wherever you have a need for light: on the shelf, on a bedside table, on the living room table or on a windowsill. The LED light is reflected off the shade, producing a soft and warm glow.

The table lamp's simple and functional design has a clear Scandinavian aesthetic, and you can easily tilt the shade 30 degrees, which casts a beautiful oval form on the inside surface of the lampshade, creating a more eye-catching expression. The lamp transforms from a discrete light source to an eye-catching and aesthetic sculpture.

The light reflected off the inclined shade can illuminate a beautiful plant or anything else you want to draw attention to in the room. The curved shade opens up the light beam – but without exposing the light source. This also makes the lamp a good companion wherever there is a need for soft and friendly lighting for reading or homework purposes.

The MADISON T1 is available in black or white colour.