Light-Point Sky


SKY is the recessed version of the SURFACE pendant light. With a depth of just 55 mm, SKY works in most ceilings, and with a diameter of up to 95 cm, it is capable of creating an impressive impact in small and large rooms.

SKY is one if the thinnest recessed lights on the market. The lamp comes in white-lacquered aluminium and is available in five different sizes ranging from a diameter of 265 mm to 950 mm.

The lamp works well in both small rooms and large hallways. It can either serve its purpose discretely and anonymously, or contribute to the architectural aesthetics of the room.  It is also possible to combine the different sizes to create different optical effects.

When set against a white, gypsum ceiling, SKY almost appears to be painted on. The soft, glowing circles cast a comfortable, warm light in the room, creating an interesting contrast to the lamp’s own white surfaces and uniform lines.