Light-Point Slim


SLIM is an elegant, discrete and effective light source, ideal for use above dining or meeting tables, with a fitting that is nothing more than an almost invisible line in the air. It effectively casts a soft, warm and diffuse light over the table.

SLIM brings to mind a trapeze suspended above the table, held up by two, thin fabric cables. The luminaire, available in several colours, is just 1 cm thick and 5 cm wide. It is available in three lengths – 120 cm, 150 cm and an impressive 180 cm. With two built-in colour temperatures, you can choose between 2700K and 3000K by using the switch in the installation base.

The aluminum luminaire does not obstruct the view through windows or doorways in any significant way. The luminaire is pleasant to look at, while at the same time being equipped with the very best, most compact LED technology.