Luceplan J-us

Luceplan presents an original vision of the traditional chandelier with arms, in which technological innovation, research on materials and new solutions for electrical conduction are completely concealed from view. J-us reinvents the suspension lamp typology, reinterpreted in a contemporary though not futuristic way. The central cylindrical structure with a diameter of 30 mm provides a novel electrified track on which to attach the various arms of the chandelier. The latter are made with layered materials utilized to produce electrical circuits, allowing the current to flow in a practical, functional way.
The structure is in aluminium, the arms in copper and fiberglass, while
the diffusers are in technopolymer. Featuring a slim profile and forceful lines, the chandelier permits a range of different configurations, thanks to the possibility of creating multiple levels of arms arranged on the central structure, with the option of increasing the diameter by attaching a second ring of arms to the one inside.

Thanks to the warm, high-performance LED lighting and a light, dynamic design of great visual impact, J-us brings an inventive, refined but never overbearing presence to any space.