Luceplan Koine

Sustainability, carefully-chosen materials and new lighting effects, all feature in the proposals, once again confirming Luceplan’s strong drive towards technological and shape innovation. Elegance and purity of style characterize this set of suspension lamps named Koinè, referring to its shape which offers such extreme versatility. The real heart of the project lies, however, not in the product design but in the lighting mechanism inside. A specifically created mineral lens has in fact been applied to the light source. The beam of light transmitted through the lens appears homogeneous and clear, a wide cone of light with clearly defined edges.

Koiné is available in white, blue, red and black and also in a mat finish. 

The reflector is also available in an acoustic version, as it comes with a felt cap (60% recycled). This does not only play an important decorative role, but also allows increased acoustic comfort in the vicinity by reducing the time of sound reverberation. An aluminium portion inside covers the surfaces and contributes on one hand to holding the felt in place, and on the other hand to dispersing the heat of the light source. 

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