Luceplan Millimetro

Halfway between a suspension and a ceiling lamp, Millimetro features a very thin circular reflecting disk (as the name says, just 1 mm thick) to produce enveloping, warm light that spreads from below up to the ceiling. The project stems from Daniel Rybakken’s suggestion to create a lighting solution that would play with an effect, aimed upward and cast from above, thanks to a reflecting surface that generates a different perspective on the surrounding space. The lamp is formed by a metal disc with a mirror-lapped surface (diameter 85 cm) and a support structure available in natural brass or cobalt blue. The LED module is placed above the disk and protected by a screen that projects diffused, uniform light without creating shadows. Millimetro is at its best in elegant and prestigious contexts.

Thanks to its refined reflecting surface, it enhances the interior design
of any space, bringing out the details (flooring, a carpet, steps, a tabletop) seen from a reflected perspective.
Millimetro thus contributes to the definition of the surrounding setting, through a continuous game of luminescent rebounds.

Design by Daniel Rybakken